Who's behind Taxentomo?

My passion for animals dates back to my very young age, when I explored country gardins in search of living creatures. My mother, an enthusiast in turn, allowed me to keep my discoveries in jars overnight. Our house was a real home zoo!

Growing up, I knew I wanted to become a biologist. During my studies, I developed a real passion for entomology. The diversity in insects and other arthropods fascinates me. I also realized how misinformed people were about these little creatures. So I started educating young and old in various establishments. 

Overtime, I developed an impressive network of enthusiasts like me, and I started a wonderful small business allowing me to practice my passion on a daily basis while allowing others to develop this passion in turn.

Taxentomo Enr. was founded in 2007. It’s always been an online business allowing people from all over the world to source a great variety of insects and other arthropods. Additional material such as skulls, skeletons and taxidermied animals have been added to offer a larger selection for collectors and artists.

 Why Taxentomo?
I wanted a name that reflected both Taxidermy (Tax) and Entomology (entomo). And so I thought: Taxentomo!

The Taxentomo team is made up of long-standing partners working to collect high-quality specimens. In the foreground, there is me, the eternal passionate, who respond to your questions and requests of all kinds, and who packs each and every parcel one by one, with attention and care.

When reaching out, you really are talking to me – an actual human-being and passionate! Nice to meet you. My name is Stephanie!Taxen